Winemaking has always been a part of human history and culture. To cultivate grapevine, to produce golden or ruby red grapes and transform them into wine is a real art, which has been in years transformed into more and more perfect states.

     Vineyard life  went hand in hand with pleasures and sorrows, which are described in The Nation’s Memory. One of them is the traditional folk song, which was there for them in every life situation. The wine makers are described as a joyful group which can make fun even of its own poverty.


Trailer for the TV-series: “Slovak Vineyards” (22 episodes)



    Thanks to the successful project of the TV-series “Slovak Vineyards” for RTVS I was able to do a research of Slovak vineyards for two years. As a graduate ethnologist I was asked to participate in this project as a music dramaturge and the performer of folk songs. My aim was to get to know the vineyard culture more thoroughly and bring it to the people by means of the traditional folk song. The whole effort is recorded on the CD “Songs from the Slovak vineyards”.


    By “Songs from the Slovak vineyards” people can explore different experience connected to wine. They are not only about the connection to this “medicine” but also about its effects… There are funny and lyrical songs, and many more. They focus on the simple people, on their fears, good characteristics and faults, on love and waggery of the craftsmen. They remind us of the old times, but they can be applied even today. Why is it like this? Probably because they are about people, work, they depict people’s feelings, criticize bad habits and all of these are here even today… 


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CD "Songs from the Slovak vineyards"






"Our wine, our song"


performance for every wine lover and lover of “Songs from the Slovak vineyards”




           By means of the live artistic experience from “Songs from the Slovak vineyards” I’ll try to bring the pleasure closer to you and get it to your blood. Music is made by people for people in order to bring them joy, creativity, knowledge and to deepen their mutual relations. We will defend, keep and develop the art of folk songs, which are full of poetry and amazing magic and humour. It is also a step towards knowledge and realization of our own cultural identity. “Our wine, our song” will hopefully bring a part of my passion to you. .


Samples from the CD “Songs from the Slovak vineyards”, which is being sung by me on the “Our wine, our song” performances:

        Vínna cesta Záhorie: Na jeseň prilecá dzivé husi             Malokarpatská vínna cesta: Okolo preša
       Malokarpatská vínna cesta: Vinohradi, vinohradi             Turnianská vínna cesta: Do stodolki, Pite vinko


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